Talent Management

Talent Management

(agreed August 2021)

The agency may not claim to have authority to offer the services of or in any other way represent a client except with the specific consent of that client.

The agency shall not undertake representation of a person who has previously been represented without making every reasonable endeavour to satisfy themselves that the said person has previously in writing terminated the earlier representation. He / she / they shall use their best endeavours to conclude a mutually satisfactory arrangement over commission that may continue to be payable to the previous agent.

The agency’s terms of business including current commission rate shall be clearly stated in writing and agreed at the commencement of representation ('the Agency Agreement'). Any variation in commission rate thereafter must be agreed with the client in writing.

The agency in advising or negotiating on behalf of a client will be governed by no consideration other than a conscientious regard for the professional welfare of the client.

The agency having any interest in any enterprise shall not negotiate for the services of or the property of a client for such enterprise without first disclosing the the agency’s interest to that client.

The agency shall allow their clients at all reasonable times the right to verify and authenticate any statement of their account and shall promptly and regularly provide their clients with full details of any transaction handled by them on their behalf.

The agency shall use their best endeavours to provide their clients with information that the clients may reasonably request relating to their contracts negotiated by the the agency.

The agency shall not seek to enforce any time restriction in relation to a client's notice of termination of representation.

In the event of termination of the Agency Agreement and provided the agency (or its heirs assigns or other successor in title) is able and willing to continue representation - that is, to fulfil monitoring, accounting, remitting and related services - the agency is entitled to collect all monies and to take continuing commission in respect of and in accordance with contracts previously concluded with and on behalf of the client and appropriate commission in respect of contracts already initiated.


  • We understand it is our responsibility to protect our clients and to support and enforce change within the industry.
  • As agents we acknowledge our duty of care to clients and enforce a code of practice which includes dealing with allegations of sexual harassment brought to us by our clients.
  • We advise and support our clients if they experience or observe sexual harassment.
  • We have a clear and robust code of practice which includes how to deal with allegations of bullying, harassment and sexual harassment brought to us by our clients.
  • We ensure our clients are aware of the terms of the Equity collective agreements that govern nudity and simulated sex.
  • We ensure clients have full, clear information on the nature of an engagement, with particular attention to agreements governing nudity and scenes of a sexual nature.
  • We ensure our clients are advised in writing of the extent and nature of any nudity and/or acts of a sexual nature in advance of entering into a contract and ensure the full terms and conditions are agreed in advance of the first day of engagement
  • We do our utmost to ensure engagers adhere to these terms.
  • We pledge to not only have the right codes of conduct in place but to uphold and act upon them.
The challenge is not only to have the right codes of conduct in place but for people to uphold and act upon them.
Equity Agenda for Change report